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As someone who grew up in a family business, I understand the importance of relationship building, producing quality work, and treating the work I do for others as if it’s for a company of my own.  

When I moved from Cleveland to Chicago in 2012 to attend DePaul University, I knew marketing was the right field for me between my upbringing and interest in studio art growing up. In other words, I have a balanced approach between creativity and strategy when it comes to my process. Plus, I moved from out of state suburbia to a large city at just 19 years old, so it’s safe to say I’m pretty adaptable!

Since my time at DePaul, I’ve successfully grown online lifestyle brands and uprooted to Denver. With each company, I’ve executed a mix of personalized strategic social media campaigns, content writing, photography and design. My passion, however, lies in music marketing. I’ve aided in marketing campaigns for bands like The Lumineers and industry streetwear brands like Electric Family. I even started a project of my own called Upswing, where I promote and interview upcoming musicians.

It was during my early years in Chicago that I recognized the power of social media. Before moving, I utilized music-centric Facebook groups to meet people who love going to concerts as much as I do. I knew if social media could impact my own life positively, I’d be able to cultivate that same sentiment for the brands I care about. 

I’m always open to collaborating or even just saying hello, so feel free to drop me a message on my contact page!

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