Marla did great work for us at Zenfuel setting up our digital shelf on Amazon and Shopify with images, videos and engaging content to be successful. She is a great graphics designer and I would strongly endorse her skill.

Sri Rajagopalan, Global GM/VP connected commerce & NA ecommerce at General Mills

Marla is one of the few talented individuals I know in the field that excels at her work. She is a highly motivated person and always brings 110% to the table when working on each project. My clients and I always value her feedback and expertise. The amount of details Marla puts into her work helps my clients and me seamlessly integrate new strategies on an on-going basis without any hassle. Marla is an excellent marketing professional, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to recommend for marketing and content needs.

Tony Le, TVLE Design

Marla would make a great addition to any team and I would fully endorse her being hired in any type of work environment. Her positive attitude was refreshing and welcomed.

Drew Nilon, CEO Electric Family

Marla is one of the most driven and highly motivated people I’ve worked with. She is a quick learner and doesn’t need any hand holding to get things done. Marla would be a great asset to any team.

John Yi, NextME