Electric Family has formed apparel partnerships with some of the biggest names in EDM since 2012. Thanks to their loyal fan base, EF now collaborates with DJs like Skrillex, Kygo, Illenium, Louis the Child and many others.

With the help of these DJs, Electric Family has raised over $350,000 for charities around the world. Their new clothing line is not only Coachella ready, but supports well-known charities such as Global Rights, Make A Wish, Doctors Without Borders, and F*ck Cancer.


I had the opportunity to chat with Electric Family’s co-founders, Steve Brew and Drew Nilon. Electric Family truly started from the ground up with the goal to make a difference:

MM: How would you explain Electric Family to someone who’s never heard of the company?

SB: “I would tell them that we are a streetwear brand that partners with musicians and influencers in music to not only raise money for a good cause, but the apparel and accessories we sell are meant to have a positive impact on everyone who comes in contact with them. Our slogan has always been “Distributing Positivity since 2012.”

MM: What about Electric Family motivates you to come to work every day?

SB: The fact that we have the opportunity to work with world class musicians to make a difference for a positive global impact. We also throw local events in LA to get our fans involved in different charitable acts.

This January, EF had a Do Good beach cleanup by Santa Monica Pier, where each attendee was guest-listed to a local concert (Photos by Marla Milano).

Inside Electric Family

MM: What is a fun/little-known fact about Electric Family?

DN: We really got started in my mom’s house and used her garage for our warehouse. We literally took over the entire garage until she said “that’s enough!” She politely said she wanted her garage back and we were forced to get our first office and we setup our first office in Santa Monica, CA.

MM: Any key takeaways you have from starting your own company?

DN: Never, EVER give up. Believe in yourself. There will be good days and bad days, but as long as you stay focused on delivering your message, you will end up happy because you are always staying true to your goals.

The Fans

Drew and Steve’s philosophies clearly worked. Electric Family maintains their fan base not only though their mission but affordable clothing. The average price of popular streetwear ranges from $400-$3000 according to StockX, while Electric Family’s apparel sells anywhere from $15-$110.

Pictured above is one of Electric Family’s most loyal fans, Connor Simon. Connor owns every EF bracelet ever created, each representing a different collaboration and charity donated to.
Much like the fan base of the electronic music scene at large, Electric Family is represented just about anywhere you can think of!

Stay in the Loop

What looks will you be rocking this year? Lucky for you, Electric Family just dropped their best collection yet for both men and women.

Take a look at their latest apparel here, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a Do Good event near you!

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