Upswing is a thesis turned startup that came into fruition while I was completing my Master’s in Digital Communication and Media Arts at DePaul. Durning this program, I took a deep dive into learning creative technical tools such as Content Strategy, Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, the creative process and more. Since DCMA is a hybrid program, we also studied theory and ethics surrounding tech to better project future trends.

Upswing is a music discovery platform that connects live music fans to their new favorite artists. Whether you’re looking for a local show in your own city or traveling somewhere new, our website allows you to discover and review artists by genre as well as show you where they’re playing.

However, in the wake of COVID-19, I’ve pivoted Upswing’s strategy to highlight up and coming musicians regarding how they’re utilizing online platforms to reach their fans in lieu of events and touring. We’ve launched a blog series called “The Show Must Go On” that you can easily access in the blog section here or on Upswing’s website.

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